Common Core Standards common core standards

The following will give you information on citing sources.
Finding information for your citation

This gives you examples of how to cite all the various LOC primary sources in MLA Style.
MLA Citations

This is a short tutorial on using EasyBib - an on-line citation tool.

This is a listing of other on-line citation tools you could use.

Information on CopyRight
LOC Copyright info

Uploading documents to the Wiki

Here is the link to the wiki Sheri described. There is a power point presentation you may find interesting. It shows us how to use several organizing tools, including fishbone. This is a wonderful tool for organizing a unit of study, as it allows the unit to expand with primary sources.

Sheri's PowerPoint; you will find this quite useful for reviewing (Stripling model) inquiry learning; it has excellent links to primary source collections. We did not discuss Kuhlthau's Information Search Process, another approach to inquiry learning.