June 16, 2011

Want to go over the information in today's PowerPoint? You can access a PDF version by clicking the link.

Prior to the first class on June 27 you need to complete the on-line module introducing you to the Library of Congress. You can do this individually or as a team. Go to LOC Learning Modules When the page opens, click on Introduction to the Library of Congress, click on Start Here at the bottom of that page, and follow the directions to watch the video and do the self-directed module.

Individually - Don't forget to look for a primary source that you can bring to class. Read over the Analyzing Primary Sources sheet and then complete the Primary Source Analysis Tool for your object.

The Lesson Plan Template below is interactive. You can put your information directly into the form, and we can make changes as the learning experience develops.

I have attached the reading which should be completed before our first full-day class, June 27. Please read the chapter from Barbara Stripling's book, Inquiry-Based Learning. You will need to access only pp 10-27 once you reach the linked lesson. On Thursday, I will provide hard copies of the charts which are printed using landscape, so are difficult to read online. As you read, be thinking: what is inquiry learning and how does it relate to other forms of learning?